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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yellow Dog Journalists

Conservatives have long decried the liberal bias of most media members, a bias which they refuse to admit or acknowledge. We've come up with several terms to describe that group of journalists and organizations, mostly notably the "mainstream media" or MSM. Of course, the charge against that is that they aren't actually mainstream; they're liberal. Rush Limbaugh calls them the "drive-by media" which is a fun little slap at them, and I liked Ed Morrisey's coining of the term "tanning bed media" (with an assist from Treacher) after the treatment that Gov. Palin received at their hands. But neither of those terms really gets the partisan aspect of their misbehavior.

I've got another suggestion. Call 'em Yellow Dog Journalists (YDJ, or "yidje", rhymes with "bridge", for short.) The mix of yellow journalism surely fits the "tanning bed media" aspect. As Wikipedia puts it, "Yellow journalism is a type of journalism that downplays legitimate news in favor of eye-catching headlines that sell more newspapers." Except, of course, that their efforts aren't selling more newspapers or drawing more viewer eyeballs. Instead, their efforts are toward electing more Democrats or making them succesful, hence the "yellow dog Democrat" tie-in. (Exhibit A: Chris Matthews.)

It's a fun way to think about these people (and we'd better have some fun over the next several years.) We can even have varying degrees. Chris Matthews, for instance, is a Yidje. Keith Olbermann, then, is a Yidjit. (That's a fun one: combines biased, unprofessional, and dumb in the same term. Just like Olbermann.)