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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bandwagon Americans

Jay Nordlinger had an item in his Impromptus the other day that echoed a sentiment I've seen in a few other pieces. He writes:

So, I’m on an airplane, and there’s a New York magazine jammed into the pocket. The cover shows a picture of an infant with his fist up. He is wearing a shirt that says “Obama,” three times. What we read is, “The President for Us: The triumph of the Obama idea, and the peculiar feeling of being part of America again.”

Lots of people are now admitting, or semi-admitting, that they don’t feel part of America unless their preferred candidates win. Fine. But isn’t that sort of — not so admirable?
I wrote Jay with a name for this phenomenon. These people, I suggested, are Bandwagon Americans. If their team isn't winning, they don't show up at the games. Their team colors get hung in the back of the closet. They don't want to go back to visit the old alma mater; in fact, they think about moving away.

But oh, just let the team start winning. Then they're back at the game, loud and proud, wearing more new (and clearly unused) fan gear than anyone around them. (I call that "patriotism bling.") They call all the talk shows, desperate to show off their newfound enthusiasm and small amount of knowledge they've picked up. They shout down anyone who now dares to criticize their team.

They'll keep doing this as long as their team keeps winning. And if it starts losing? Crickets.

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