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Friday, December 29, 2006

Goodbye To All That

2006 is coming to a close, and I've a few thoughts to finish out the year.

  • Full lives make for light blogging. While other folks may have it otherwise, when my life is full and interesting, my fondness for blogging fades. This past year has been the most significant of my career, as I've undergone more role changes and growth "opportunities" than ever before. Consequently, descending into the blogging fray just hasn't had the appeal for me that it did when my job was dull and my life humdrum. Besides, as my life has filled, I just haven't had that much I wished to say about the world at large (which is probably for the best, given my miserable prediction in my last post!) It's a nice occasional hobby, though, so I imagine I'll continue my once-a-month habit.

  • Those who one more. I viewed a nice little retrospective on notable personalities who have died this past year. Yet the list is incomplete, since it seems that Saddam Hussein will join the list before 2006 sees its last day. I imagine that will get lost in all the hustle and bustle of the new year, especially as power changes hands in Washington. It shouldn't. I still think all the daily hurly-burly and spitball calumny will fade into history's silent backstory when Iraq is finally settled out and the story of this era is told. Abu Ghraib and the constant catcalls of catastrophe will shrink, and the removal of a tyrant who was executed by his victims' courts after due process will grow.

  • No elections please, it's an off year. Sadly, that won't be enough to keep a lot of people from pontificating and postulating about the election of 2008. When the election actually arrives, the usual cries of voter apathy will doubtless rise. But it's not that voters don't care; it's that they simply cannot care that much that long. Count up all the elections (primaries, state, federal, local, county, etc) that people can be part of, and it turns out that exercising the right to vote is quite a workout.

  • Virtual reality's that much closer. Against all odds and expectations, I got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. It's a quantum leap. My 3-year-old excels at golf, and my 55-year-old father beats opponents senseless with boxing skills he hasn't used since high school. I see many late nights with Zelda in my future.

  • Another seven days to go. I'm keeping the Christmas music and decorations going another week or so. Once upon a time Christmas was a twelve day affair, and that makes more and more sense to me as the years wear on. I'm also a firmly committed Christian, but I think the pagans had a decent idea calling the soltices Midwinter and Midsummer. The modern world likes sliced times and discrete dates, but I'm drawn to the appeal of seasons and ranging holiday times. Much better than the buy-buy-buy-open-stop of the present age.

On to 2007!