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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October Post Against Amendment 2 In MO

Almost missed the October post, but I was reminded just in time. Here's a letter I submitted to my local paper on Amendment 2, a proposal in Missouri to write stem cell research into our constitution.

Preserve Your Voice

I have a multitude of reasons to vote against Amendment 2. Here are two.

First, it’s unnecessary. The practices it seeks “to ensure for all Missourians” are not illegal. There hasn’t been a major push to enact legislation about those practices, and no court seems poised to dictate a ban despite the will of the people. Proponents have spent $28 million to guard against a largely imaginary threat.

Second, it ends the debate. Even if the legislature were to take up this issue, we the people of Missouri can call, write, or e-mail our legislators and have our voices heard when that time comes. If one side loses, it can continue to work to get the law amended or repealed. As it currently stands, the decision will remain in the hands of the people through their legislators. A vote for Amendment 2, on the other hand, puts it in the constitution and away from the people. Amendment 2 is like the old saying about elections in dictatorships: one man, one vote, one time.

If you vote for this amendment, that’s your last word. If you vote against it, you preserve your voice for the future. Vote NO on Amendment 2.