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Friday, March 31, 2006

Why I Support President Bush

A fellow asked me a couple of days ago what I thought of this president and his policies. Here's what I think.

My position is that this president, with great moral courage and foresight, has embarked on a world-transformational mission (of great risk) to leach the poison out of the Middle East and the Islamofascist worldview that sustains international terrorism. I support him in this; I think this kind of direct action is necessary to "drain the swamp", especially after years of ineffective "soft power." This president has essentially defeated two enemies and has been making them into friends, allowing 50 million people the chance to forge their own destinies. The sacrifice and courage of several hundred thousand U.S. heroes has thus been the instrument of deliverance and hope, including the ultimate sacrifice of 2000-3000
Americans who deserve the highest honor.

On the domestic front, I approve of President Bush's economic policies, noting that we have a strong economy with low unemployment, good growth, and rising markets--this after a slight economic downturn with the dot-com bubble burst (which he inherited) and the devastation of 9/11. In his public demeanor, I have largely found him to be cordial and generous (with notable exceptions) and someone to emulate, both in his self-deprecating humor and his conviction. I think George W. Bush is a good man who trusts his instincts and (on the whole--no one is perfect, and I have my disagreements) makes good decisions for the good of the country.

I don't speak up much about this in the public sphere (or blogosphere) anymore, mostly because the endless need for repetition of what seem obvious points has grown wearying. But I am content to live my life without worrying overmuch about politics or national security because of the sentiments expressed above. While the professional Chicken Littles rail about the Crisis of the Day®, I remain confident in President Bush. He's not worried about making them happy; he's worried about keeping me safe. That'll be recognized for the amazing trait it is after this present storm has passed.