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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fiendishly Clever

From NRO, I found the latest from Greg Gutfeld. It's a number of Roe v. Wade jokes.

It's fiendishly clever, and I say that deliberately. Some of the jokes are actually funny ("not all of them are this stupid"; "I have to walk out of here alone!"; "yes...yes you do."). They made me laugh--and then instantly be repulsed at my laughter. Some are just cruel and sick (the dumpster, black storks, missing wallet), leading to an immediate feeling of revulsion...followed by the realization that the reality is worse than the joke. The last one is the most piercing example:
Why is a fetus like a condom?
It's safer with one, but more fun without.
That skewers an entire worldview about sex, children, and selfishness in a hyper-lighthearted tone. It's brilliant.

(Naturally, the HuffPost commenters are the usual whiny, cowardly bunch that complain that Gutfeld should be dismissed to the nether regions. How thin-skinned and petulant they are. How dictatorial, preening, and self-righteous. How plainly humorless.)

Gutfeld's is an amazing post, and yet it's the kind of thing that one can only appreciate, not enjoy. It's not trivial enough to enjoy.