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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We Are Also Noble

I wrote this for the September 11 edition of my local paper. (Nice to be able to create posts out of stuff I've already written.)

A noble America rose from the ashes

Sept. 11 is once again upon us. What can we say of ourselves four years later?

We have proven to be a fickle yet noble people. Our steadfastness of purpose sways with every headline and every additional nickel in the gas price. We relentlessly tear down our political leaders (whom we choose) and rail against our neighbors (by whom we decide to live) and wring our hands over trivial and transcendent things alike.

But in doing so, we merely follow the pattern established throughout all of American history. Maybe it's the mark of a sovereign people to challenge and demand in situations where others would cower silently and hope desperately. The bickering would be maddening if it wasn't so American.

Yet we are indeed noble. The generosity and courage and power of we the people is breathtaking. Instead of collapsing after the 9/11 attacks, our armed forces ventured into the lions' den and destroyed the regime that sheltered our enemies. Then they smashed the murderous despotism of Saddam Hussein in the middle of the archaic cesspool that was the Middle East. In a stunning display of hard-headed generosity, we stayed in both countries to build stable societies. These new nations are meant to serve both as a shield of freedom for millions of oppressed and as a dagger in the heart of a fascist Islamic radicalism that has soaked the region for a generation.

In the shadow of the carefully orchestrated insanity in Crawford this August was a man named Gregg Garvey, whose son laid down his life in Iraq for his country. Mr. Garvey continues to support that war. He said, "We liberated that country and now the terrorists are invading that country." He is right, and who else in the world would have done it?

On this Patriot Day, we may take heart that the American people brought an economy back with strong growth and low unemployment, even in the midst of uncertainty and turmoil. The outpouring of support in the wake of the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina shows that we continue to be a generous nation. We can be proud of our brave soldiers who attack our enemies, cast down dictators, and defend the citizens of infant democracies against tyrants.

We are fickle, yes. Let us remember that we are also noble.

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