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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Look Until...

Well, I got tired of having this great big blank spot where my paragraphs ought to be, so here's my new look. I know I need to expand the width of the content bar, and I'd like to float the nav bar to the right so that content expands out below it once the end of the nav bar is reached. But first I have to study the CSS to make sure I can make it behave like I want it to.

Coming relatively soon: an op-ed I wrote for my local paper a couple of weeks ago, that Thanksgiving piece about my son, a tribute to the delightful "you're stuck on stupid" meme, and some thoughts about what the head of FEMA ought to having done right now. (Hint: some governors and mayors should be expecting a phone call if anybody's got any sense.) Ah, well, here goes.

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