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Friday, February 25, 2005

Keeping Your Head In Heady Times

Victor Davis Hanson has done it again.

His latest piece examines the recurrent myths from those who tend to deny American exceptionalism. Always, it seems, there's a contingent who insist the sky is falling only to come crawling around afterwards to say they knew all along everything was fine. Until, of course, the next time something "terrible" happens and they revert back to their instincts....

Case in point: Rob at Say Anything made an observation about Walid Jumblatt's comparison of the Iraqi elections to the fall of the Berlin Wall. He said, "I am convinced that decades from now, despite the nay-sayers, the liberation of Iraq will be seen as a key moment, the point at which the tide turned and Islamo-facism fell back to make way for a move toward freedom and democracy." Immediately the naysayers and the see-no-good types jumped on him for saying such wildly optimistic things. It becomes tedious hearing from such people over and over again (who are, of course, never wrong.) Yet it is through such times that it is most important to remain vigiant and confident because to do so is to shape the future instead of being broken by it.

And, in an excellently timed observation, Varifrank said this...last night!
I also wonder what they will say in 10 years time about the events of 2004. Today, we all, left and right think of the events of 1989 as “a good thing”, but at the time the socialists around the world were pretty dour about the whole thing. I suspect in 10 years we will all look back at 2004 and think of it was a turning point and a “good thing” the left will agree, and go so far as to say it was their idea all along and Bush was really being bi-partisan by following their ideals but that he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into being a “liberator”.

But I know better.
That's right in line with VDH's closing line:
A final prediction: By the end of this year, formerly critical liberal pundits, backsliding conservative columnists, once-fiery politicians, Arab "moderates," ex-statesmen and generals emeriti, smug stand-up comedians, recently strident Euros — perhaps even Hillary herself — will quietly come to a consensus that what we are witnessing from Afghanistan and the West Bank to Iraq and beyond, with its growing tremors in Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, and the Gulf, is a moral awakening, a radical break with an ugly past that threatens a corrupt, entrenched, and autocratic elite and is just the sort of thing that they were sort of for, sort of all along — sort of...
You're in good company, Varifrank.

(minor disclosure: in that Say Anything thread, I briefly mentioned the confluence of Tiananmen Square and the Berlin Wall in 1989. That's the topic of Varifrank's piece which has this excellent observation: "Today, some people think the Iraqi insurgents are like the guy in front of the Chinese tanks. I think they are wrong, I think the insurgents are like the people driving the Chinese tanks in 1989." That's exactly right and, though it doesn't fit with the rest of my little bit here, I just had to include it.)

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