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Friday, January 07, 2005

Will Americans Walk?

Victor Davis Hanson has a typically astute piece about how Americans are still saving the world and are being rewarded with yet more moaning and groaning. He compares our current role to the Western lawman of Hollywood legend that comes in and cleans up a town in which the residents are too foolish or yellow to do it themselves, only to hear the vicious backbiting whining from those same residents. He concludes:
All this hypocrisy has desensitized Americans, left and right, liberal and conservative. We will finish the job in Iraq, nursemaid democratic Afghanistan through its birthpangs, and continue to ensure that bandits and criminal states stay off the world's streets. But what is new is that the disenchanted American is becoming savvy and developing a long memory — and so we all fear the day is coming when he casts aside the badge, rides the buckboard out of town, and leaves such sanctimonious folk to themselves.
The US is undoubtedly the world cop (and fire department and first responders and all other kinds of emergency services.) But what happens if we decide to walk? What's going to happen if we decide we need a vacation from all this?

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