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Friday, January 07, 2005

Novak On the Tsunami

Michael Novak has an interesting piece in National Review about a particular reaction to the tsunami. The problem is how a good God can allow (or cause) such death and destruction. Often this is really a polemical question, asked by non-theists in order to embarrass theists. Novak's take, however, turns the question on those atheists or agnostics who ask it to show that either the presence of such evil is also devastating to their worldview or that the question is an exercise in sheer oneupsmanship (and therefore quite contemptible, at least to my mind.)

I must confess I've never been particularly moved by the Problem of Evil (as opposed to being moved by the presence of evil), at least as regards the existence of God. Perhaps it's because I suspect some of my view is just shaped by limited knowledge, and I've always found it odd that we could be more moral than the One who created us. Yet I am comfortable with the question being asked, as I suspect God also is; the book of Job suggests that much to me.

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