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Friday, January 21, 2005

Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

"Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note", the headline says. Big surprise there. He was calling independent films "a voice of dissent" and was encouraging "film-makers to speak their minds." Okay, nothing big so far. But then he said this:
"This is really a festival about different voices in film that really reflect, a little more accurately, the world we live in," Redford said.
Oh, I couldn't wait to read the rest of the article when I read that. I couldn't wait to see what Redford's notion of accuracy included. I was not disappointed.

Bingo! The first film profiled is "Happy Endings" by Don Roos. It's about a counselor at an abortion clinic "who remains conflicted over her decision to have a child at a young age" (oooooo! irony! sophistication! children as props!) and a man with a gay son who dates the teenage girl who took his son's virginity (despite the whole "gay" thing.) I'm stunned. Did these people eavesdrop at my last family reunion? How else could they have so perfectly captured the world we live in!?

Oh, and of course there's this perfectly predictable piece:
Roos took a swipe at last year's battles over gay marriage when he introduced "Happy Endings." He thanked his boyfriend for supporting him through the making of the film and told the audience: "We had a very busy year threatening the sanctity of marriage."
More irony!! How does he do it?

The article concludes with, "Among the 120 other films are a range of documentaries such as 'Murderball,' about quadriplegic athletes, as well as feature films including 'The Chumscrubber' a satirical look at life in the American suburbs." Wow, quadriplegic athletes (exactly how does that work?) and suburbs satire--yep, that's calling it like it is!

If only I could be part of the heart and soul of America....

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