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Monday, December 13, 2004

What A Shame

It seems that Left2Right is going to be a disappointment to conservatives. The initial statements seemed to suggest that the site was going to be an attempt by some academicians on the Left to engage the Right in an attempt to persuade them. Unfortunately, it seems the purpose is for those on the Left to discuss amongst themselves the most effective way to reframe their message and recalibrate their language to appeal to The Other. It's an in-house discussion, in other words, along the lines of Lakoff's seminar with Congressional Democrats.

If the group can't find from within its members someone who's really good at being a devil's advocate, then they're doomed. Too much homogenity is going to lock in too many "non-negotiable" policy positions they mistake for principles. I'm afraid the authors of the site, once they get past the blogosphere learning curve, are going to spend their time refining the details of positions that non-Left voters will reject because of the basic premises.

David Velleman from Left2Right has pleaded that they're still new at this and that their mission is changing, so there's hope that they'll avoid the fate of instituting yet another insular community. But so far the trend does not look good to these conservative eyes. Pity.

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