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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas To All

Tonight my wife, the Bear, and I will go to my parents' for an early Christmas Eve/Morning. Then we'll return home for another Christmas Eve/Morning with my wife's mother. Ah, delight.

I've got a number of things planned to write about in the coming weeks. I've got a couple of takeoffs from LOTR: ROTK in mind (the lighting of the beacons and the Charge of the Rohirrim). I'm planning to write analyses of the Robin Hood Syndrome, how "imposing your morality" is self-stultifying, and why "tolerance" isn't all it's cracked up to be. My wife's also encouraged me to start writing about being a daddy; the market's glutted with material focusing on the mother/child relationship, but there's just not that much on fathers by fathers for fathers. Maybe some of that will make its way here.

But that comes later. For a weekend or so, the concerns and arguments of the blogworld will be left behind. I can read and argue this stuff any day. This weekend is about enjoying family and making memories. There have to be way stations, and whatever other controversy surrounds Christmas, it is a wonderful time to shut down the treadmill and enjoy life in itself. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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