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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I Am Humbled

I suppose late nights are for me to rise to the bait and indulge in rhetorical hand-to-hand combat with guys like David. But I settle down in the clear light of day and only hope that what I wrote the night before makes some kind of sense.

And then sometimes I discover sites like The Anchoress who is watching her brother die with extraordinary compassion and grace, and I am humbled and a little ashamed for my little outbursts.

She wrote a merciful, generous response to Maureen Dowd's anti-Christmas column that shows a bigger heart than mine. So I read further on her blog about her experiences with hospice and the strange half-world her brother is in right now, and it reminded me so much of when my aunt died of cervical cancer. She was climbing her own mountain toward the summit, and we just tried to climb with her. I thank the Anchoress for reminding me of that terrible, wonderful time and for showing me an example of grace. Again, I am humbled.

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