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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thank You, Veterans

My wife's a teacher, and she got her kids involved with something called Letters To The Front. It's a contest where people write 100-200 word letters to service members; after the judging, all the letters will be delivered to U.S. military personnel. I wrote one, but I'm gonna miss the deadline. So I'll post it here.
Dear Service Member,

I just want to say thanks for keeping my little boy safe. He’s just turned one year old, and his world is getting bigger and bigger every day. He doesn’t yet know the word “enemy”, nor does he know the words “war”, “pain”, “sacrifice”, or “death.”

But just because he doesn’t yet know these words does not mean they are not real. Indeed, they are real; my little boy already has enemies who seek to inflict pain and death upon him. They declared war on him and all such innocents like him.

Yet he is protected by people he does not know and may never meet—like you. Right now you are sacrificing for him, putting yourself on the line and facing hardships and dangers so he doesn’t have to.

I don’t know who you are, but when it comes time to teach my son the meaning of the words “sacrifice”, “honor”, “courage”, and “hero”, I will be telling him about you.

Thank you for your protection and service and the meaning you pour into the words that will protect my little boy.
Find a veteran and thank them today.

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