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Monday, November 01, 2004

Calm Before The Storm

Well, it's finally here. The campaigns are about finished, and the election is tomorrow.

I happen to think Bush will win with an electoral vote in the 290 range and a popular vote win of 3-5%. But I don't know. It's just too hard to measure out there these days, especially since it seems some of the underlying assumptions pollsters have seen to be getting clobbered. This is the first presidential post-9/11 election, and I think the models have to see an election before they can adjust to the new reality. But I could be wrong.

Still, I'm relatively serene. I'll vote tomorrow and encourage others to vote for my guy, but the election is out of my hands. It will be as God wills, not as I will, so I will leave the anxiety aside. Oh, I'll still follow the returns tomorrow night pretty faithfully and keep track of the news and commentary, but I've got some living to do, regardless of who wins. I can only do what I can do.

That said, here's a good statement of why I hope Bush wins: cementing the Bush Doctrine. It's from Jay Bryant's column today at Townhall.
"Moreover, Bush had the intellect to see beyond the tactics, and the strategy, and perceive the imperative new grand strategy of American foreign policy – a bedrock commitment that would replace the successfully concluded Cold War. I have called it the secularization of Islamia.

This is a much broader objective than the defeat of terrorism, and Bush understood that from the beginning. He also understood it would be hard. It would involve setbacks and detours, one of which was the absolute necessity of a regime change in Iraq. It would result in people screaming at us, protestors protesting, pointy- headed intellectuals wagging their fingers. Just like the Cold War. And just like the Cold War, he saw that we would win, if we only had the fortitude to stay the course.

Electing John Kerry this year will have the same effect on this grand strategy that electing Henry Wallace in 1948 would have had on the Cold War. But given another Bush term, the new policy may well become settled bipartisan (and public) understanding."

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