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Monday, October 18, 2004

Why Vote For Bush?

This is in response to Hugh Hewitt's call for an online symposium, "Why Vote For Bush, and What's Wrong With Kerry?" My entry:

I’m politically and socially conservative, so Bush is naturally my guy. I like him on taxes, Social Security, and health care because he promotes an ownership society. In plain terms, that helps protect me when politicians come along and want to play Robin Hood with my money. I appreciate his courteous courage when it comes to social issues like abortion, marriage, and religion. He also strikes me as a fundamentally honest and decent fellow, which is itself a delightful surprise; spoiled rich kids aren’t supposed to grow up to be this humble and real.

John Kerry, of course, is a Massachusetts liberal and an opportunist to boot. That means he disguises what he really believes on key social issues, believes in treating my money and property like his own, and jumps back and forth between bandwagons. He actually is the adult version of a spoiled rich kid.

So if this were a run-of-the-mill election, my vote would go to W. But it’s not an ordinary election.

The bottom line is that there are people out there actively trying to kill us because we are Americans. I have a son who just turned one year old, and there are Muslim terrorists who would gladly sneak into my country and murder my innocent little boy. I know that George W. Bush will move heaven and earth to prevent that from happening. I don’t think John Kerry will.

Besides, one death would probably just be a nuisance. Right, John?

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