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Friday, October 08, 2004

What I Hope Bush Says Tonight

I hope the President is on the attack tonight. There are a number of things that he could attack on, but there are two Kerry talking points that I hope Bush nails him on.

First, Kerry and Edwards both said that Saddam Hussein didn't attack us. I hope Bush replies, "So would you have preferred to have waited until he did?"

When Kerry protests that he wouldn't have and cites the latest report that Saddam didn't have stockpiles (ignoring the parts where Saddam was bribing our "allies"), I hope Bush responds with, "I can't believe you're arguing the innocence of the Butcher of Baghdad."

This is to reflect the stark difference in what these men think American "credibility" means. Kerry thinks it means a good opinion in the global chattering classes. Bush thinks it means fear and dread in America's enemies. I hope Bush brings that out tonight.

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