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Friday, October 01, 2004

The Debate Rebuttal Begins

Well, I feel kind of smart right now. Last night I wrote the following about a Kerry vulnerability:
What [Kerry's position not attacked] actually means is that those positions aren't vetted thoroughly at a time when the candidate can dismiss them in person when the spotlight is on him.

So now all that's needed from the Bush campaign, the RNC, or a 527 is to pull one of the "I am strong and trustworthy on issue X" lines and build commercials around the unexamined stuff in his Senate record.
Well, what has the GOP done but made a video of the Top 10 Kerry Flip-Flops that does just what I expected? Granted, the video really isn't very good, but it shows what direction they're going to take. Now if they just pick two or three and make nice, professional commercials out of them, they not only blunt Kerry's momentum from the debate but erode his trustworthiness for the next time he's in front of the cameras. (Although I admit it would be more effective--and closer to my thesis--if they pulled from his Senate votes or speeches.)

Once again, the tactics of the situation work against Kerry even though people are praising the superficial benefits. It happened with the early primaries, it happened with the Boston convention, and it's happening here.

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