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Friday, September 03, 2004

Starting To Shape Up

Well, I'm starting to get this blog into shape (finally!) I got my links up to the side; it's rather embarrassing, actually, that it took me so long since I'm a computer/web programmer in real life. I'm even starting to get a few visitors.

Just for kicks, I'll throw this out. I'm hoping to get a few delightful little memes started. I like to hear myself talk and read my own writing (which suggests that this effort may be doomed to failure), but here are a few of the phrases, sentences, and concepts I'm trying to get into the Greater Blog Consciousness. (If you're visiting and pick up on any of these, naturally I'd like attribution. Credit is usually the only reward for a beginning blogger.) 'Nuff said: here's the list.

  • The Trash Generation: name for the children of the Baby Boomers
  • BloodHound Blogs (or BloodHound Media): handle for the "new media" (blogs, talk radio, online-only magazines, etc.) Counters Old Media.
  • The DNC was about the Kerry biography; the RNC was about the American biography.(link)
  • "When you're trying to sail along with a leg on two boats and the boats start to drift apart, you are in bad shape. Soon Kerry will need someone to come along and fish him out of the river."(link)
  • Never forget: the more the public sees President Bush being himself, the more they like him. The more the public sees John Kerry being himself, the less they like him. (link)
  • Hollywood types are Plastic People
  • Mark Twain said, ""The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." Isn't it true, then, that the reporter who does not get the facts has no advantage over the person who cannot get the facts?(link)
  • Kerry: the international man of mystery
  • The Coming Bush Landslide: hinted at here, stated here. (Note: looks good now that Time has Bush up by 11; I predicted 10-12 two weeks out.)
  • "Character" optimism v. "personality" optimism (link)
  • About Reagan: "They call him 'The Great Communicator' and mark his extraordinary optimism. They are right; Reagan did communicate well and was very optimistic, but that is to remark how beautiful a leaf is and ignore the stately tree that grew it."

That should do for a while. Enjoy!

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