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Friday, September 17, 2004

Rather Open To Ridicule

When you persist in sticking to your guns despite all reasonable evidence, you leave yourself open to stuff like this great post from Soxblog:
Earlier in the day I posted a story about Sophia Parlock, the little girl who while perched on her father’s shoulders had her doubtlessly beloved Bush/Cheney sign destroyed by a thug wearing a union t-shirt. Turns out little Sophia’s father is a first class Grade-A idiot who often uses his children as political protest props. And it also turns out that the union t-shirt bedecked thug was likely a plant, either a Parlock friend or a Parlock himself. In other words, the story is a hoax, and this is the part where I apologize for disseminating the hoax and call Parlock pére to task: I was fooled and Parlock is beneath contempt.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me say this: I stand by my story. In spite of the mountain of the evidence to the contrary, I’m stickin’ with it ‘til the cows come home. Sure the event itself was a hoax, but my story is still accurate. Democratic Union supporters behave like jerks at rallies. And liberal Democrats make three year olds cry. So even if the union guy in the photo wasn’t a union guy at all, I don’t see how that changes the fundamentals of my assertion about politically active union guys in general. Hell, I even provided eye-witness testimony from an event a decade ago to prove as much; this testimony came from an unimpeachable source – me!

If it turns out that union guys behave like perfect little gentlemen at political rallies, I look forward to breaking that story. But I’ve talked to several experts who say I’m in the right on this one. And for every expert who says I’m wrong, there’s another one who says I’m right. Certain partisans question the authenticity of my story because they don’t want to deal with its accuracy. Well, rest assured, this cowboy can take the heat
Beautiful, James, just beautiful!

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