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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Finally, A Respectable Lefty Who Keeps It Fair

Someone named Nikki Finke has an interview with Jay Leno in LA Weekly. Apparently Jay's pretty liberal in his personal life as he makes clear in the interview, but he's professional about it.

He points out to his often clueless interviewer (who desperately wants to turn him into an icon for the Left) that his business is comedy and his show follows the rules of that business. When asked about his beliefs, he says, "Let me ask you this. Can you figure out my politics watching the monologue?"

Truth be told, I can't. He goes where the material takes him, and I was surprised to see in this interview what he really thinks. But he seems the kind of guy I could sit down with and discuss politics reasonably without having it devolve into a shouting match. He's professional and fair, telling the jokes to give the audience what they want instead of making them think like him.

Dan Rather and CBS News should take lessons.

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