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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Breaking My Arm

Okay, I'm feeling pretty smart right about now. It started when I saw that Jim Geraghty in the excellent Kerry Spot was getting nailed by his readers who thought the Bush twins did just fine.

His mailbag said, "B) the parents watching at home loved it, because it reminded them of their own kids."

Last night I wrote: "And across America, millions of Americans said, 'That's just like my kids.'"

Second, after watching the Kerry campaign over the past three weeks (and especially the last week), I feel much better about writing this the day after the DNC in Boston:
"I got the funniest feeling last night while I was making my lunch for today. Out of nowhere, I got the idea that President Bush has just sandbagged the Democrats...

[I]n their one chance in the spotlight to make this a choice about governing philosophies and mission, the Democrats have chosen to make this a question about who's the better man, Bush or Kerry...

For all their talk of complexity, the Democratic message is, "We're the good guys, and they're the bad guys." Their one shot at setting the terms of the debate, and this is all they got?...

A lot of professional pundits are going to be impressed by the convention, saying "it did what it needed to do," but I get the feeling that the Democrats will soon realize they're facing George W. Bush with an empty gun...

At the convention the GOP can basically take back the issues of strength, patriotism, and military pride because they do it so much better than the Democrats (because they actually believe in them.)"
I also feel better about this post, "The Coming Bush Landslide" even before the Swift Boat Vets got real traction. I said, "(Stupid prediction: I think that two weeks after the convention, Bush will be up 10-12 points in the polls, and he won't give up much of that lead as Election Day draws nearer.)" I'm starting to think it might not have been that stupid after all.

But most importantly, the reason I'm liable to break my arm patting myself on the back is this. I have a son, my first child, who is ten and a half months old. He was putting his hands on his head. I asked him, "where is your head?" and he did it again. So, for fun, I asked, "Where are your feet?" And he looked at me, grinned, and slowly bent down to grab his foot.

My son is discovering language. To one who loves language, this is just great. I loved the speeches tonight and the sense that maybe I'm getting things right, but this is absolutely the highlight of my night. (Now think what else I can teach him: shoe, bottle, bear, President! Well...maybe not "president" yet. I'll save that for after the election.)

There's nothing more important left for me to say tonight, so this is it for the first of September. (The second of September will also be important, but largely because it'll be my mother's 50th birthday. She's so excited! Her attitude about birthdays changed after my aunt got cervical cancer. Funny how that works, eh?)

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