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Friday, August 20, 2004

Chris Matthews Is A Partisan Hack

Michelle Malkin went on Chris Matthews' Hardball show last night. She wrote about her experience here. I read the transcript here, and wrote the following letter to the Hardball show.

Subject: In The Tank For Kerry?

Chris Matthews amply displays what he is: a partisan hack for John Kerry. His treatment of Larry Thurlow and Michelle Malkin was disgraceful.

An example: Matthews pressed Thurlow repeatedly on whether he knew "for a fact" that the language involved in his citation came from Kerry's after-action report. He would not let up until he got the answer he wanted. But when the reporter--whose job it is to ferry out "facts"--said that "I think probably the after-action report could have been the work of several different people, each reporting on what their own boat did," and "But I think that not a single—not—both the citations and the after-action reports were probably the work of more than just one commander", Matthews let it slide. The eyewitness involved in the incident must provide incontrovertible evidence about the Naval procedures for medal awarding, but the "journalist" can speculate about sources for the report and get a free pass? Despicable.

As for Thurlow's belief that Kerry had a plan to get out of Vietnam with decorations, Matthew's demand for proof is staggeringly stupid. Exactly what evidence would he accept as proof, and how stupid would Kerry have been to provide it? But given that Kerry's citations came under questionable circumstances, he videotaped himself re-enacting events, he bugged out early, he went to a high-profile anti-war group and got himself a Congressional appearance, he ran for Congress in 1972, and has used his war record in all of his political campaigns (especially relying on it as a weapon when he's behind), Thurlow's belief is a pretty reasonable interpretation of the events.

Then of course Chris rolled over and let Max Cleland, a man with an obvious agenda and ax to grind, make his little speech without any pushback at all. Matthews, you wimp.

Oh, and Chris: you let Cleland say that George Bush was hiding behind this group. Hell, you set him up to say it. Such accusations require facts, Chris. I thought you thought facts were important.

As for George Bush calling the Swift Boat Vets and telling them to call off the dogs: Chris, that would be the campaign coordinating with a 527 group which would be illegal under the asinine McCain-Feingold law. Am I to understand, Mr. Matthews, that you advocate breaking the law in order to bury this story?

As for your badgering of Michelle Malkin on self-inflicted wounds, let me explain something to you in very small words so maybe you'll understand: you can accidentally wound yourself. You can peel a potato and slice your hand. You can step on a rock and twist your ankle. And you can shoot a grenade too close to you and be hit by the shrapnel from your own shot. That is the allegation made about John Kerry.

Instead, you demanded that Michelle Malkin accuse John Kerry of shooting himself. Either you are too stupid to follow the above chain of logic, or you are clearly in the tank for Kerry. You then said, "No irresponsible comments are going to be made on the show."

Too late, Chris. Too damn late.

Addendum: Oh, and now they're proud of what they did. Just how stupid do you think we are, boys?

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