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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bush Twins and Laura A Hit--Really

I see that the folks over at The Corner (THE blog, as far as I'm concerned) and the Kerry Spot are aghast at the performance of the Bush twins and ho-hum about Laura Bush's speech.

But the Bush family was a big hit tonight, and here's why.

Why has George Bush gone from a 70% approval rating several months ago to hovering around 50% now? Part of it, of course, is the harsh fallout from the realities on the ground: US lives lost in combat, ungrateful Iraqis, the constant drumbeat of negativity from Old Media (a la Rumsfeld), and the failure to trumpet good news on both the economic and international front.

But I submit it also has to do with a lost connection between the President and the American populace, and in the place of the real man people have unconsciously begun to believe in a caricature. Michael Moore's stupid movie made over $100 million, for crying out loud. That's not the hallmark of a society that has a grip on who George Bush really is.

Now the Bush twins come out and do their little thing. First of all, it was unexpected; I thought from things I saw earlier in the day that they'd stay out of the spotlight. So what did they do?

  • They embarrassed their grandmother with the "Sex in the City" reference
  • They invoked the "what did YOU do when you were my age?" defense
  • They revealed personally undignified information about their parents (Polaroid picture?)
  • They said, in the end, that they loved their parents and were proud of them anyway.

And across America, millions of Americans said, "That's just like my kids."

Now, to professional stagecraft observers, all the comments about the momentum and MTV music award approach are legit, but they miss the point entirely. After the left has spent months demonizing the President and letting that poison eke out into the mainstream, this little ridiculous intro is the antidote: George W. Bush is a decent man and a good father. (As a bonus, the two girls are beautiful, and men of all ages will have a difficult time sustaining bitterness or disdain against beautiful women. It's a hardware thing.)

As for Laura Bush, she just redefined women's issues away from abortion and glass ceilings and "gender" fetishes. No big deal, really.

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