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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Who You Calling Weak?

So John Kerry is supposed to lead us to a vision of America "Stronger At Home, Respected In The World."

So I suppose that means we're weak right now at home? Up yours, buddy! Our economy is roaring back, our pride and courage in our armed services is astounding, and at least half the country's determination hasn't wavered when it comes to foreign threats. What's this "weak" business?

And I guess we're also disrespected in the world? Tell it to Libya. Tell it to Eastern Europe (who love us because we liberated them.) Tell it to the African nations we're trying to save from the scourge of AIDS. Tell it to the people of Iraq who are trying to make a new life that never would have come without our soldiers and our political leaders. Tell it to Pakistan who have switched from harboring terrorists against us to catching terrorists for us. Tell it to Afghanistan where Karzai is running for another term instead of killing another rival to maintain his leadership.

Crazy, man, crazy. Of course it doesn't make sense, and the Democrats are accusing the other side of their own flaws (divisive rhetoric, politics of personal destruction, "values" is just a word, trust and credibility, etc.) But it's pointless wringing one's hands over the latest height of chutzpah the Dems have displayed. Let's just stipulate they have no shame in their quest for power and leave it at that. Even so, in this convention they neither showed who they truly are nor effectively connected with the people they pretended to be like. There was a whole lot of "Message: I care" stuff in this convention, and it should hurt them in this fall campaign.


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