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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Not the World, Just Us

Tom (I believe) Bevan over at RealClearPolitics posted a link to Hugh Hewitt's site of a letter from a U.S. Marine about how the Abu Ghraib prison blowup has affected the troops and what our soldiers plan to do about it. The Marine is right on. He puts the blame squarely on the prison personnel and acknowledges the shame it brings to all soldiers. He then courageously says the way to handle this is to be even better, even stricter than the already extraordinary level of control and discipline most soldiers already display. Wow.

I have one minor point to make. One purpose the Marine gives is that we do this "to convince the world that those acts were conducted by criminals and are not indicative of our values or intentions." With respect, I disagree. We do this to show ourselves what kind of people we are; the world will draw its own conclusions. The good will recognize our goodness, the bad will ignore or misinterpret it, and the others will try to find what's in it for them. Let's not go crazy trying to win the approval of a shifting and sly world.

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